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A litte info on the coolest, rarest gemstones on the planet (and they are not even from this planet).

Meteorite Men- Online Exclusive Interview | Extreme Weather

Check Geoff out on Slice of Scifi.  This really is funny, and you get to see a new side to Geoff.  

Hey Guy,
Got any plans to do a Canyon Diablo episode for your show? It was good to see you in Anne's room in Tucson again. This is a great little venue as a video blog, very cool.

Hey there.  The Meteor Crater people are not dealer/collector friendly.  We asked if we could shoot one small scene there as part of one of our other first season episodes, and they were not open to the idea at all.  It simply gives me great pleasure knowing that that they probably get asked 100 times a day “So, when are the Meteorite Men coming out here to hunt and shoot at the crater?”  

Maybe this would make a good topic for a blog… 

Blog 12,  Today I discuss a new product I came up with using a by-product of harvesting the high quality gem rough out of the “Alpha” Pallasite. 

The Coffeyville Kansas meteorite.  The finders of this meteorite were certain after seeing Geoff and me on TV that their rock was a meteorite.  They sent in a piece, and they were right.  This blog is part about the story and part a little sales pitch.  If you might like to buy one, check out the listing on my SteveArnoldMeteorites fan page at Facebook.

Mythbusters Myth: Pretty Girls Don’t Fart

I had seen this video a long time ago, but this weekend, while Geoff and I were sharing the Science Channel’s tent and stage with Kari Byron from Mythbusters and Head Rush at the National Science Festival in Washington D.C., Kari mentioned this video that never made it to TV…but she reminded all of us, it was on the internet.   So, since she is not too embarrassed about it, I link to it here for those of you who haven’t seen it, you don’t want to miss it.

Meteorite Men Geoff Notkin and Steve Arnold heading up on stage at the US Science Fair for the Saturday 2pm Presentation at the Discovery Tent.  Ours is the first tent right across from the U.S. Capital on the Mall in D.C.  

"TV Stars" For Sale HERE

I cannot discuss the details of upcoming meteorite finds found on any of the Meteorite Men TV episodes until AFTER that episode airs the first time in the US.  

However, I will let you in on a little secret, Geoff and I found some cool meteorites this season while shooting Season 2.  AND many of the meteorites found on TV will be for sale.  AND some will be for sale cheap, some specimens for under $5.   AND you will hear about them first right here on my blog. 

Thats right: Meteorites found on the Meteorite Men TV show will be For Sale HERE and some for under $5.00!!!

If you want to be the first to know about new meteorite specimens that come up for sale, especially the cheap ones that could sell out very quickly, then follow me either here on Tumblr, or become a fan of SteveArnoldMeteorites on Facebook — you can use the Facebook link at the top of the bar to the right.»»>  My Facebook Fan Page immediately gets these blog posts too.

While not all of the meteorites will be super cheap, all will be priced fair to move quickly.   Pay attention soon after each episode airs on Tuesday nights (starting November 2) for news of great bargains right here. 

This blog feed goes to my Facebook Fan page, so if you want updates via Facebook, please jump on board.  All the cool kids are doing it!

Beef Jerky!  Maybe Jack Links will sponsor me in the world series of poker next year?

Triangulation and Gridding,  from Season 1 of Meteorite Men

Truth about fireballs, from “Meteorite Men”

Last season’s promo for Meteorite Men.